As a grower or a trader you want to be confident that transactions between you and your customers are processed save and efficiently. Our online debt collection service helps you to do business with your customers directly. You receive payment within 5 days of delivery, with due regard for any payment agreements you may have with a customer.

How does it work?

You are a supplier in the ornamental horticulture sector and you receive an order of cutflowers. You send your electronic delivery form to Ai2, after that you can deliver the order to your customer.

Ai2 sends the delivery notice (EKT/DES ADV) to your customer who then receives the invoice stating the delivered products. After expiry of the legal deadline for payment following SEPA rules and regulations Ai2 transfers the amount to your account within 5 days with due regard for any payment agreements you may have with your customer.

Your transactions are always accessible online which helps you to keep an eye on the payments you receive and when you will receive them. Of course it is possible to carry out multiple transactions simultaneously. It is no problem if your customer is not yet a user of Ai2, you can simply invite them with just a simple click.

Advantages for suppliers:

  • Ai2 supports direct business between you and your customer.
  • Ai2 is not affiliated with any auctions.
  • Ai2 does not use your transaction history and it will not be available to third parties nor will it be used for any other purposes.
  • Your transactions are available online anytime and anywhere.
  • Ai2 provides service with due regard for any payment agreement you may have with your customers.
  • Ai2 supports transactions with electronic delivery confirmations: EAB and EKT/DES ADV).
  • Ai2 provides the invoice in several formats, .pdf .xml .ubl and .csv
  • Ai2 does not provide credit.