Ai2 supports Plastic Soup Foundation


Ai2 supports Plastic Soup Foundation

Ai2 supports Plastic Soup Foundation

Our role in the sector is facilitating. But we noticed that there was little room on the invoices and, for example, in the Floricode standards used, to introduce new coding for sustainable products and labels. We want to ensure that it is possible to realize this quickly and easily within our system. Systems, take the packaging codes and barrel tables, can not be the limiting factor when it comes to developments, and certainly not in the area of ​​sustainability. Ai2 wants to be at the forefront and respond quickly together with other progressive organizations to accelerate this development within the sector.

I do not yet see the direct link to the Ai2 goal, but maybe it escapes me?

Ai2 wants to clear the way to be able to enter the entire chain quickly and transparently with sustainable products. This creates open communication that works for all parties involved in the chain. ICT also has its role in the concept of sustainability. It simply has to be simple and easy to apply.

We know that a lot of plastic and plasticised products are used in the sector. Is this support perhaps a reason to do something back?

Single used trays have a major impact on our environment. Multi-use packaging is of course already a step in the right direction, but the return transport of the trays has a major impact on a CO2 footprint *. (End customers and retailers will increasingly ask for clarity regarding plastic use and alternatives.) Ai2 does not want to be the limiting factor, but rather to be at the forefront of this development.

* With regard to improving the CO2 footprint of the sector, Container Centralen B.V. a pilot started together with Ai2 to spread the CC carts more efficiently across Europe, important here is the reduction of the number of transport movements / kilometers with empty CC carts.

Within the packaging industry there are already many beautiful developments on the shelf or they are already there, but due to the limitations within the systems they are now being implemented too slowly or there is no communication at all. That is a missed opportunity.

Sustainability is also a development process for Ai2. We want to be able to show all things around and with sustainability on the invoices. This also has the advantage that more open communication can be made and sustainable packaging becomes traceable. Ai2 would like to offer the helping hand to make it simple. Similarly at the IFTF, our Stand nr A1.30.

Will the suppliers, who incur costs using Ai2, notice something in their costs?

Part of the result of Ai2 as a company is put in development of sustainable solutions and applications. We are of course honest, that results from the financial contribution of the suppliers who have their transactions run through our system. We will pay the financial contribution cq. the rates of the suppliers do not adjust to pay for this. Sustainability is a fixed value within our business operations.

You are a ‘bronze Buisness Angel’ of the foundation. Are you also going to involve their consultants on what would be possible?

Physically, Ai2 has few flows of plastic and / or paper. We certainly do not need them for that. We ourselves can use our own knowledge and skills to make the road even easier and clearer to get more sustainable articles through and into the chain.

Does Ai2 itself also enter the market?

Of course it comes on our website and there is already a piece on the website of the Plastic Soup Foundation.

At the upcoming IFTF we will communicate this outwards and bring it to the attention through a sporty gadget. We will also pay attention to our project with the Container Centralen (CC) in order to realize CO2 reduction by introducing a separate calculation method.