New Ai2 charges 2021


Ai2 will change its rates for the first time since 2007. Due to the increased bank costs, in particular the interest costs on the collected balance, Ai2 will adjust its rates from 1 January 2021
Due to the changed cost structure at the Dutch banks, the actual costs of collection are higher every year. After the introduction of interest on the balance collected per day by the banks, we decided to adjust our rates slightly after 13 years. As a result, costs for Ai2 will rise slightly, but despite this increase, we still remain the cheapest collection service in the sector.Ai2 will increase its base rate by 0.1% for all existing base rates. This brings the basic rate for Ai2 to 0.7% of the amounts collected For the premium rate (insured) this amounts to 1.1% of the amounts collected Discount tier: If you have a collected total amount between 5 and 10 million euros per year, you will receive a discount of 0.1% on the total amount collected. If you have more than 10 million collected by Ai2 per year, you will receive a discount of 0.2% on the total amount collected. If possible, the discounts are applied from the beginning of the calendar year. Subscriptions will remain the same in 2021. The basic subscription is 25 euros per month. the premium subscription remains 50 euros per month.