Advantages of Ai2

Ai2 understands that trades in the ornamental horticulture sector are made quickly and this is why we assure transactions are carried out efficiently and secured. Your orders are completed successfully in a matter of days.

When using Ai2 for your transactions as a supplier or as a buyer you enjoy many benefits:

  • Speed: Transactions are processed and paid within days.
  • Many small daily transactions are completed in one single transaction.
  • Insurance: Your transactions can be insured through Argosafe.
  • Clear monthly subscription costs and fee expenses preventing unexpected charges for suppliers.
  • Free of charge for customers.
  • Transparent: You can always go through your transactions online.
  • Ai2 is in line with the standards in the industry such as payment notices (OGP) and electronic delivery forms (EAB)
  • Reliable: Every transaction is received on and paid from a third party account as part of Stichting Derdengelden Ai2 (our Third-Party Funds Management Foundation).
  • Whether you are large or small; exporter, importer, trades company, or grower. No matter what size your business is, Ai2 takes care of every business.

When you choose Ai2, on top of everything else it also includes:

  • Packaging administration
  • Quick summaries of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual accounts and VAT-summaries
  • Packaging records
  • Monitoring of electronic delivery forms
  • Ai2 also processes third party invoices